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Until the film premieres on KH13's Youtube Channel

"The Road to Kingdom Hearts III" is a 45 minute documentary that will take you on a journey through the history of Kingdom Hearts, and its community.

Featuring your favorite Kingdom Hearts content creators like KeybladeSarah, and the amazing KZXcellent as the film's narrato´╗┐r.

It will also feature a few other creators, including Aaron from the channel Blind Wave, Toominator & SeaSaltShelby from KH13's podcast "The Usual Spot", as well Samurai Kibiji, KHCentral, Lost in Adventures, and OfficialMoChocolate.

It will premiere on KH13's Youtube channel January 19. 2019 (10 days before Kingdom Hearts III). "Please be excited"´╗┐ - Shinji Hashimoto