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Alfheim is an investment firm that utilizes equity-based crowdfunding to invest and help provide working capital to dozens of Norwegian startups with the goal of strengthening Norway's impact on the global entrepreneurial space.

Since our launch in January 2020, we've acquired stakes in 10 different startup companies specializing in fields like Fintech, Science, Commerce, and entertainment.

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Create jobs. Create solutions. Create environments.

Some of our investments

Presented below are just some of our most promising investments and projects. If you're looking for a full list of our current investments you can find a live list here



One of our crown jewels. With 200.000 total users and a monthly average of over 30.000 active users, Horde allows you to take more control over your own finances.

You can get a full overview of your own debt, compare credit alternatives, get cool discounts for various products and services, and even create a comprehensive overview of loans between you and your friends and family.

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Tipio is a consumer driven marketplace where large groups of people can come together and buy the same product at a price much lower than the market average.

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At the end of 2021, we were lucky to have been able to invest a humble amount in the growing hotel chain Citybox.

Citybox currently runs 6 different hotels in areas like Oslo, Bergen, Tallinn, and Antwerp, and aims to open 60 hotels all over Europe by 2030.

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Starseeking Ninja

Through our production company Starseeking Ninja, we're currently developing a pilot episode for an animated show under the codename "Project Dusk", which we aim to sell in 2024.

In the meantime you can watch our previous project below.

Watch: The Road to Kingdom Hearts III

Project Dusk on IMDB

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